Smart UPS range starting from .75KVA to 5 KVA offline
APC is the only company providing this software with safe & auto shut down function.
Both provide back up power during main outage but UPS- switch is instantaneous where as Inverter switch with a gap of 2 seconds.
Rashi is distributing only ADATA Memory all over India
Pls check from Rashi Branch office.
Toll free number: 18002090303
3 years on MB and Graphics cards, and 1 year on Sound card
RT-N13U is a USB datacard based 3G router, which support the majority of popular datacards.
DRAM ( Desktop / Notebook / Gaming / Server and Mac compatible ) and SSD ( 2.5 " SATA / mSATA and M.2 )
Crucial - Expertise / Compatibility / Reliability and Commitment
Micron ( Parent Company of Crucial ) with Intel
16 Chip - If design DRAM on 32 Bit Technology and 8 Chip if Design on 64 Bit Technology.
DRAM is First Component who takes the DATA from Input Device like Keyboard / Mouse after that Data moves to CPU for Process as per Input. So DRAM is Most Important Component for RUNNING PC / Server or Notebook for better speed and Performance.
Micron / 2. Samsung and 3. SK Hynix
It is the Third largest Motherboard manufacturer in the world
Only ECS Mb comes up with 15U Gold contact technology, is reliable to offer better protection and stability
It increases the longetivity of ECS Mbs 6 times and is available in all ECS mbs
ECS-Rashi gives 3 Years warranty on all Mbs
Across India HP - Service Center List
"A Complete Solution To Boots Performance of you Desktop & Notebbook" . Power Solution - HP Adapator, Travel Adapator, Battery and Travel Battery. Storage Solution - HP Internal or External HDD / ODD / FDD and New SSD Drive. System Solutions - HP Graphic Card, I/O Card, - On Card, RIAD Card and DDR3 Memory. Travel Solution - Backpacks, Carry Case & Roller Trolley . Corporate Solution - HP Pocket Whiteborad and Pocket Projector. Security Solution - Cable Lock and Privcy Filters. Performance Solution - Docking Station and NB/DT Stand. Communication Solution - HP wire/wirless Mouse/Keyboad, Washable Mouse/ Keyboad, HD Webcam , Headset with Mic and Speaker (Standalon / LCD). Network Solution - HP wire / wireless LAN card.
Windows XP, Windows 7 & Linux operating System are embedded on HP thin clients
Warranty is provided by the authorised service centers of HP.
Kindly refer Rashi Branch Details from Contact us page
Box Desktop and Xeon CPUs - 3 Years Tray Desktop and Xeon CPUs - 1 Year Motherboards - 3 Years NUC - 3 Years , Intel Compute Stick - 1 Year , SSD - 5 Years
I7 5820K , I7 5930K & I7 5960X require BXTS13A / 13X Heat Sink I5 6600K & I7 6700K require BXTS15A / BXTS13X Heat Sink
It Support Hard Drive ( HDD or SSD )
BOXSTCK1A32WFC comes with windown built in
2 GB RAM , 32 GB eMMC storage and supports upto 128 GB micro SD card , 1 USB port , HDMI out , Built in Wi-Fi
Telephone - 1 800 123 8835 (Toll Free) Email - Online Warranty & Technical Support -